Unbreakable Mind: One year anniversary – a letter of love and gratitude.

This weekend is the one year anniversary of publishing my first book, Unbreakable Mind. It was quite the experience getting to that point; it has been an amazing journey since. It has opened new doors never thought possible before, including being made into a movie in 2020. I am endlessly grateful to the process – the unfolding of the universe’s plan for us, no matter how different we think it will be. Mine just happened to include a ticket for the express train; and it was free ( 🤣 ) – though the true price was unimaginable, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Nonetheless, it has all brought me to this place, a place of healing and, as a result, helping others.

The book has assisted and touched thousands of lives, more than I ever could have dreamed or thought possible. Each month it continues to grow in new directions, amazing me at every turn. It can now be found in countless local, city, university and medical school libraries and bookstores. As well, one can find copies in a number of world-wide city and town libraries. Many teachers use the book for essay topics or various types instruction to their students as part of their lesson plan. It is also now under consideration at numerous well respected medical schools as required reading due to its unique perspective through the patient’s eyes. For all these reasons, I am filled with infinite gratitude and endless thanks.

There are no mistakes in life – events, places or people. Books come to us at the right time; we must be ready to receive the message. If you decided to read my book, thank you – I hope it resonated with your life and you found healing or meaning through it. Or perhaps just liked the story and found motivation and inspiration, as a result. If you know someone who has a struggle and could benefit from the book, please consider sharing the book or perhaps sending them a copy. I am eternally grateful for all those who have been a part of this journey, directly or indirectly. As this one year anniversary is upon me, I marvel at the possibilities the future holds. Thank you for being a part of the magik of the trail – the gratefulness in my heart is unbound, over-filled with love and gratitude. Love and light. S

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3 thoughts on “Unbreakable Mind: One year anniversary – a letter of love and gratitude.

  1. Never stop doing what you doing, and keep that forever. That positive and realistic but optimistic way of being is 1hat I love most about you brother. You have a charisma that has help reach out with the message and spreading to so many around the world. Of course this would happen, you are real tell real stories both in blogs, books and reality. You always have good intensiones and look out for people even without knowing about them to much because you never judge. Everyone reading this comment should jump on the journey and follow see Steven reach the point of success. Because is at this point we all already see the difference in someone who succeed with bad inetesions and forget about he’s people, and someone who is with the people wmts to connect wanting to just make a living of spreading joy and being a coach in life in general. Incredible man. Mr. Quigley, for you its all love and respect brother. Siempre le mando bendiciones!! Hilser !! Dankewel for being who you are

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  2. I couldn’t have imagine what else could have happened to me if it wasn’t the perfect time that you came in my life. I remember i was down, sad and hurt. You, you lifted me and cheered me up. Help me compose and give me courage to believe in my self again. And i can’t ever thank you for that. I wish to witness more years of celebrating anniversaries with you. Thru your book and vision in life, you not just inspire me and others. Congratulations!

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